The “Sweaty Threshold”

I’ll admit it… when the weather gets hot and humid, I sweat a lot.  My mom says it’s totally normal and that I’m a very handsome young man, so I should be fine with it.  But I still have a really hard time picking an outfit when the weather is shitty and confusing.  For example, if it’s not cold out, but it’s raining significantly, instinct says to wear a hoodie.  Seems like a good idea at the time, since I constantly lose umbrellas, and my headphones need to stay dry, right?

Wrong.  The intense humidity begins to make me sweat, beginning with a pool of gross body-fluids at the small of my back and slowly progressing upward to the armpit region.  I recently switched to an aluminum-free deodorant (without anti-perspirant), so it’s all kinds of damp over there.  In other words, I’ve already crossed the “sweaty threshold” and can no longer remove my hoodie because I’m now visibly sweating through the t-shirt underneath. Classic humidity.

… Although I will say that there are few feelings in life as refreshing as peeling a pair of wet socks off two sweaty-ass feet.  Am I right, ladies?  Of course I am.


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