This Is How You Get The Party Started


They seriously sell this at my local pharmacy.  I love how the packaging provides absolutely no detail as to what the alleged benefit of this product is.  Maybe it’s one of those word-of-mouth type things.  Something you just have to know about.  Like a secret sandwich at a deli or something cooler than that.

Hey, look… it’s sourced from species around the world, whatever the hell that actually means.  Truth is, they can say anything they want on this box because they know I probably have no other shark cartilage to compare it to.

But this is, after all, a pretty outstanding deal.  100% more free?!  Oh boy, double the shark cartilage!  I hope Nature’s Bounty gets this stuff from the shark’s face… that’s where you get the best cartilage.  Right?  Right, guys?


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