Those Folks Are Some Creative M*#&^r%}~erz

Censorship of profanity used to be a very simple practice – the old “f*ck” single asterisk maneuver was standard practice (see above).  Eventually, though, some “sh*ts”, “b*tches”, and even the occasionally “p*ssy” would pop up here and there.  It was kinda hilarious because, as it turns out, a single sh*tty little asterisk does a horrible job of masking any obvious or lengthy profanities (like, say, c*cksucker).  So somewhere along the way, lots of people rebelled and abandoned the simplicity of the single asterisk, in order to cultivate their own original, homegrown, classic sequences of special punctuation marks to signify the word “fuck.”

For example, Cee Lo Green and Cam’ron revolutionized the course of human history with edgy personal interpretations of censoring the word “fuck” itself…







… while 50 Cent, Xzibit, and Ludacris literally wrote the book on spelling the censored version of “motherfucker,” with each one having his own distinct spelling:






And then, of course, there’s this lady, who didn’t even include a single alphabetical letter in hers.  Talk about a curveball…











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