Too Hot Food Face

Allow me to paint a picture.  You’re at a wedding.  You meet an attractive female and think she digs you.  A waiter approaches the two of you with a plate of hors d’oeuvres.  You grab a deep fried mushroom and pop it into your mouth.  Life is good.

Approximately one millisecond later, molten mushroom explodes into your mouth.  Adrenaline surges throughout your body, and you make the above face.  Tongue retracted so as to minimize contact with the mushroom.  Lips puckered and emitting short puffs of air, thereby facilitating heat-air exchange while simultaneously shielding onlookers from a view of the vile chewed-up mushroom.

Do you grab a napkin and spit?   Chances are you wanna keep talking to this girl, so you’re gonna need to take a gulp of water and transform your mouth into a marsh of soggy mushroom, watery mushroom batter, and deep fryer oil.  It won’t be a pleasant swallow, but it’s better than the alternative (which is pieces of skin hanging off the roof of your mouth).

This is the Too Hot Food Face.


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