Umm… Okay… And Would You Like Some Court-Mandated Counseling With That Purchase?

Well, hello there, friend.  Not a bad idea for an online business, right?  Customized undies are usually a hit.  They’re unique and personal, with the potential to be both sexy AND humorous.  Try accomplishing that with a necklace.  An emerald has never made me laugh, not even once.

After admiring the pink boy-shorts pictured above, I was ready to silently congratulate the owner of this website in my head, ya know, out of respect… until my eyes veered to the left side of the screen, where that blue arrow is pointing.  (To be fair, I added the blue arrow myself for emphasis.  It’s not part of the normal webpage design.  Thankfully, good taste prevailed, arrow-wise.)

But seriously, whoever monitors this site should be flagging any orders from the pervs who go out of their way to design custom-made skivvies for a child.  “Congratulations on graduating 5th grade, Felicia!  Here’s a form-fitting undergarment with some sort of gross innuendo printed on the butt, which you probably won’t understand because you’re only 11 fucking years old.  Wear them well; I’ll be watching.”

This is completely outlandish and disturbing, right?  Or is it a totally normal, healthy part of childhood that I somehow missed out on…?


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