Ummmm… Hello?

Uhhhhhh… This is what I’m supposed to do, right?  I don’t see any knobs or foot pedals so I can only assume this is one of those automatic, sensor-operated jobs… but nothing seems to be happening.  I put my hand next to the sensor, I moved it a little further away.  I even performed the classic “walk-away-for-five-seconds-then-return-to-the-sink” maneuver.  Nothing.

How do I turn it on?  Am I supposed to be delivering a hand job to the faucet?  Is that what it wants me to do?  Cause I’m in a rush, so let me know if that’s what I should do.  If it is, I’ll just do it.  Would I be proud of that?  No, not particularly.  But my hands are soiled, and there don’t appear to be many other options.  And you already know that I have little sense of self worth.


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