Waiting For The Subway

Nope… it’s not coming yet. Just standing here on the subway platform, minding my own business, listening to Nicki Minaj on repeat. You know, just a regular evening.

I always try to summon the train telepathically by obsessively checking to see if it’s coming. Like 2 or more times per minute. It’s really pitiful. After a while, I’ll just stare, all zombie-like, down the tunnel, trying to see if there’s any extra light coming through (like from a train or something). Nope. Shit. Just a minor hallucination… no big deal.

Okay, now it’s time for my pissed off, I-don’t-have-time-for-this grimace, accompanied by an overly loud exhalation. Nailed it. Now, everyone else in our general vicinity is aware of my frustration. But seriously, where the hell is the train?


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