Warm, Limp Lettuce Is My Favorite

At what point in our pleasant yet brief relationship did I come across as though I like hot salad?  Because from the moment I walked in to this TGI Fridays, I think I carried myself like a normal, sensible man who likes his Caesar salad served chilled. I guess I’m trying to figure out how this actually came to be.  It can go one of two ways –one is that the server went into the kitchen and said to the chef, “This guy never asked for his salad to be heated up, but something tells me he’d like it.”  The other is that the chefs are complete idiots and don’t understand the basic laws of conduction. Cold Caesar on hot dish.  Salad absorbs heat.  Salad is no longer chilled.  Make sense?  And while we’re on the topic of my salad preferences, I also enjoy it when I receive a chilled salad fork.


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