Were The “Berenstain Bears” Jewish?







Remember this book series from when you were a kid?  I never noticed it when I was 5, but… “Berenstain?”  Beren-STAIN??  Sounds like someone thought Bernstein sounded a bit too “ethnic” and decided to alter the spelling in order to disguise their heritage… kinda like how the famous comedian Jon Leibowitz opted to use his middle name, Stewart (originally Stuart), in place of his obviously “ethnic” last name.  And things worked out very favorably for that guy.

The book covers shown above represent conflicting arguments, some for and some against the potential Judaism of this storied family of bears.  We leave it to you, the WIR readers, to determine which is which.  For example, that prayer position is not particularly Judaic, though they sure do seem to have a lot of family friends in the healthcare professions…


Special Thanks To Eli “Izzy” Bonomo for her expertise in fictional ethnography.

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