What Kind Of Establishment Am I In, Exactly?

There is very much wrong with this restroom sign I saw at a local Thai restaurant.  Let’s start with the obvious. What’s going on with the “break” in the line separating the boy and girl in the diagram?  The break appears to be eye-level with the girl, who just so happens to appear as though she’s peering through the slit, trying to catch a glimpse of this unsuspecting boy’s genitalia.  And speaking of the boy’s genitalia, are we in fact looking at his genitalia?  Note the first little dash mark coming out of his groin—is this part of his urine stream? Or is this first, round-edged dash actually a little penis, and his urine stream is represented by the three dashes immediately following?  (He could also, in theory, be tossing miniature Tootsie Rolls in a very controlled pattern with his right hang, which is difficult to see from this vantage point.)

Answers, please!  Anything’ll do, really.


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  1. PK says:

    It’s a weiner clearly, the edge is beveled as opposed to the rectangular pee marks

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