Why Are You Painting Me?

“I do not want you to paint me.  Okay?  I do not.  But if you insist on painting me, this is the pose I’m going to give you”, said Lord Francis Watson of the Westlake Watsons.  “If you are going to paint me, everyone who views this painting will know that I am not happy about being painted.  I’m going to make this face.  Now then.  Go on and paint me.”

Is this the work of an early 17th century paparazzi?  This portly fellow clearly did not want to be painted.  Just look at his face!  He was just trying to look up a troublesome word in what appears to be a large dictionary, when some dickhead in a beret stormed into his study, paintbrush in hand.  I mean… I’d make that face too.  But I probably wouldn’t hold it for several hours while he painted me.


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