Why Didn’t My Roommate’s Technicolor Towel Fall Also?


Oh Jeez.  I’ve been gone since 8 AM.  I really have no idea if this happened at 8:17 or right before I got home five minutes ago.   What do I do?  That’s my only towel.  Do I have to do laundry right now?  Towels are absorbent, and the bathroom floor is home to a wealth of objectionable material, e.g. psmatiste.  The proximity of those two plungers doesn’t inspire much confidence either.   And we can’t overlook the fact that, if the towel was wet during its untimely descent, particles are definitely sticking to it.  Many particles.

Why didn’t any of my roommates do me a solid and hang it back up?  I rub that thing all over my sweet, tender body!  Yet, can I really blame them?  I mean, I wouldn’t want to touch something moist that has spent a considerable amount of time in contact with my roommate’s masculine region.  Would you?  You know your roommate.  Now, imagine his cock.


One Response to “Why Didn’t My Roommate’s Technicolor Towel Fall Also?”

  1. Dan says:

    Would you really want your roommate hanging it back up? Then you’d have no idea that it had fallen and come in contact with psmatiste.

    What about when the two moist towels hang close enough to mingle? That never bothered you?

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