Wonder If They Used These For The Mona Lisa

Gotcha, okay cool.  I just wasn’t sure if these picture hangers were decent or not.  But clearly these things are legit—I mean, they are used by museums and art galleries.  Says so right there on the package.

Let me preface that I am by no means an expert on wall hangings.  But something’s fishy here.  These $11.98 hardware store picture hangers are used by museums and art galleries?  Someone who is opening a MUSEUM says to himself, “Well, we’ve already invested hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on art, so we’re a bit over budget.  I know!  Let’s save some money by going to the local hardware store and hanging these priceless works of art with bargain-basement All Purpose & Professional Picture Hangers.”

You seriously get 61 pieces for $11.98.   That’s less than 20 cents per piece. Half a handful of stale, butt-nasty gumball machine cashews cost 25 cents, and we’re supposed to believe that actual museums spend less than that on each hanging fixture?  Nuh uh.


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  1. OOKGUY says:

    OOK hooks are the best hook in the world hands down.
    Unfortunately your thinking is incorrect and you never visited a gallery to buy high end or any art work for that matter. Just because OOK sells hooks at a reasonable price doesn’t mean they don’t work. OOK can and does sell more expensive hooks, but most consumers don’t relate the cost of the hook to what they are paying for the art work. Example: Art work cost $5,000 hook should cost $500,$1000 what is the correct number in your mind?

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