Words I Realized: Ananta

Ananta [uh-nahn-tuh], n, plural ananta – abandoned articles of clothing found in the street

I wonder how this guy didn’t realize he left his sandal in the middle of the street.  I suppose he just walked home with one sandal?  I hope he’s alive.  I guess it comes down to this — did the owner of this article of ananta place it here intentionally, or did he lose it?   Ready to have your mind blown?  Think about this – I wonder if he still has the other sandal or if it’s stranded elsewhere.  And just for the record, articles of ananta always look hard, don’t they?  Like if I were to kick one, it would maintain its shape and have a texture akin to that of a plaster cast.  Might even hurt my foot.  In conclusion, if it feels like one of your bare feet is touching the ground directly, you might be missing a sandal.

“Look at all that ananta,” remarked Ferguson, upon noticing a glove, three non-matching socks, and a pair of booty shorts nestled against the curb.

Wait, ananta?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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