Words I Realized – Basquin


Basquin [bas-kwin], n – butter that is too hard for spreading

Wonderful.  Because let’s be honest, nothing beats firm, ice-cold butter globules with warm, crisp dinner rolls.  If you’re at a restaurant, there are several different ways to approach a dish of basquin.  If it’s wrapped, try sandwiching the basquin between your hands to soften the patty.  If it’s unwrapped, we’ll have to get creative.  Use your knife to scrape off small, incongruous morsels and apply liberally to the roll.  If a knife is not available, chew on the bread while intermittently biting off pieces of the patty as if it were a Hershey’s Miniature.

In an attempt to make a few extra bucks during the summer, Ruderman sat on the sidewalk and sold frozen, unwrapped basquin patties, which he aptly marketed as “Buttersnacks”.


Wait, basquin?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?

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