Words I Realized: Cludge

cludge [cluhj], n – umbrella traffic

When it rains and I’m on a crowded street, I constantly have to raise and lower my umbrella to account for the variable heights of other people and their respective umbrellas as they pass by on the sidewalk.  The worst is when one of the little metal points on the outer edges of the umbrella gets caught on someone or something, because I always get spun around like a damn idiot.  Why is this umbrella the boss of me?  I know it protects my tender, delicate hair from the elements, but are the elements really gonna make me that much less handsome when I arrive at my destination than I was when I left home?

Gerard noticed that it was raining outside but still opted to leave his umbrella at home in order to avoid the annoying-ass cludge that was certain to be present in Times Square during mating season.

Wait, cludge?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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