Words I Realized: Daybil

daybil [dey-bil], n – a random piece of information you seek, which has no actual bearing on your life

Do I really need to know how much Macaulay Culkin weighed at childbirth?  No, but I have an unlimited data plan so why the hell not. People must have been significantly less intelligent before the advent of smart phones and/or the internet because I doubt anyone amid a highly thought provoking Home Alone conversation would subsequently go to the library for some good ole fashioned meat n’ potatoes research.  They would just continue on their merry way, not knowing if he was an average sized baby or if perhaps he was a bit thick-bodied. Sucks for them, if they ever made it on Jeopardy and the topic was birth-weights of 1990’s child actors.

Little Carissa Merlsen and her father were arguing over which soap company was the first to debut with foaming hand soap for the home, when Carissa’s sister, who is not the daughter of Carissa’s father, came into the room with a communal bowl of yogurt raisins, thereby diverting Carissa and her father’s attention away from the daybil


Wait, daybil?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?

Special Thanks To Blake Furman for having a strong urge to understand the difference between England and Great Britain.

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