Words I Realized: Dovlin

Dovlin [dov-lin], n – a word that can be used in different contexts, but really only makes you think of one specific use of the word

“We have to neuter the uprising before it gets too powerful.”  I actually read that sentence. The author had me going and I was on the edge of my seat, engrossed in the story, and all of a sudden, he felt the urge to kill the momentum and implant in my mind a visual of dog’s undercarriage.  A good ole’ fashioned unsnipped dog, waiting for his impending fate. Great choice of words.  Crush would have worked too, ya know?  We have to crush the uprising.  Done.  Same message transferred, sans dog genitalia.

While Rick was present in the room, his aunt told all her friends that she got a Brazilian, and due to her unfortunate use of a dovlin, Rick thought about his aunt with a Brazilian bikini wax, instead of the Brazilian keratin treatment she actually did get to straighten the hair on her head.


Wait, dovlin?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?

Special Thanks To Blake Furman and his choice of words.

2 Responses to “Words I Realized: Dovlin”

  1. RK says:

    Yep…thats my dog

  2. RK says:

    Also, I think Boomer should get a shout out for modeling for this post.

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