Words I Realized: Dralic

Dralic [drah-lik], n,v – the position that one brings himself to upon finishing a beverage, wherein the head is tilted back and the container is steeply slanted; the act of doing so

Everyone does this, but it seems so pointless.  I’m no physics expert, but something tells me that you probably could’ve just continued dumping the liquid into your mouth in the same exact fashion as you had been doing up until that final gulp.  I highly doubt you were drinking the bulk of that apple juice with the glass tilted at an aggressive 55 degree incline, and I tend to think that if you lowered the glass to the angle at which you were originally sipping the beverage (i.e. prior to dralicking), the liquid would’ve continued to flow toward your mouth and not just stopped moving.  Just sayin’.

Feeling the need to prove to his friends that he did in fact finish his very first beer, Lawrence brought himself to an exaggerated dralic and held it triumphantly for several seconds.  

Wait, dralic?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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