Words I Realized: Druddle

druddle [druhd-l], n, v – obligatory applause; to participate in such applause

“Bravo, bravo!” sincerely thought, I don’t know, maybe like ONE person in the entire audience at the end of yet another boring speech from some random alumnus during your sister’s college graduation ceremony.  Yet everyone in the room is clapping at a fairly high volume, mostly to be polite to the speaker.  For me, like 98% to be polite… and 2% because clapping is kinda fun and oddly cathartic.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.  It’s such a raw, primal, borderline ridiculous way to demonstrate appreciation for something, but hey, it is what it is.  Sometimes, the applause is a bit delayed because everyone needs to collectively decide (via telepathy or possibly just looking around at one another) to award the speaker with a round of applause once the speech is over.  That decision takes a few seconds to completely register, as opposed to an airplane, where we customarily applaud immediately upon landing at the destination airport, practically without even thinking, as if to say, “YEAH!  We’re still alive!  Thanks for not killing us, professional airplane flyer!”  It makes me feel silly, but I do it automatically like a big dumb dummy.  Whatever, at least it’s better than being stuck with this decision

After a very tense four-to-five-second lull following his student council campaign speech, 8th grader Brucey Fredericks was relieved to finally hear the gradual emergence of reasonably loud druddle.  Dead silence is never a good sign in that context, so druddling was welcome.

Wait, druddle?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


Special Thanks To Missy Gottlieb and Adam Fockler for being the druddle spokesmodels.

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