Words I Realized: Dunch

dunch [duhnch], n – a dirty, wrinkled, haggard dollar bill

Ugh, gross.  At least this one isn’t being held together by Scotch tape… although that ominous brown smear in the upper right corner is not a good sign.  Like a groner of US currency, the dunch is always undesirable.  It feels so devilishly exciting to dump one of these onto someone else, doesn’t it?  The vending machine was too picky to accept this nasty skeleton of a dollar, but the guy at the bodega took it during a transaction involving spearmint Orbit.  Not my problem anymore.

One dunch is acceptable, two is pushing it, but don’t you fucking dare give me three or more dunches in one sitting.  

Wait, dunch?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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