Words I Realized: Flague


flague [fleyg], n – a smile involving both the top and bottom teeth

Look at Buffalo Bills running back, CJ Spiller.  Just look at him.  That is one happy man.  You know how I know?  The gigantic smile.  Unabashed.  Free.  Just expressing his feelings by showing you at least 30 of his teeth.  As joyous as it looks, I can’t help but think that this facial position has to be a little uncomfortable.  It definitely requires effort.  The majority of the smiling world only shows upper teeth during a standard expression of glee, while another significant minority shows no teeth at all, relying instead on a tense, closed-lipped grin.  But not CJ Spiller, ladies.  He will smile the shit out of you.

“Sweet flague, Chuck!” said Wesley, while admiring Chuck’s spirited top-and-bottom-toothed smile during a game of badminton.

Wait, flague?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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