Words I Realized: Garblasia

garblasia [gahr-bley-zhuh], n – an uncomfortable situation, wherein the ideal volume for a particular song or video sits between two distinct volume settings on the device being used to enjoy that song or video (e.g. an iPod or laptop), requiring the listener/viewer to absorb the material at sub-optimal volume conditions

Nicki French’s version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is a very tender, delicate track.  It requires a very specific level of loudness, so naturally, I’m scrolling thru the various volume settings on my iPhone, looking for the perfect one.  Whoa!  That bitch be loud.  Too much volume.  Let’s go down one click.  Nope, too soft.  The bass and background melody aren’t resonating deep within my soul like they should be.  Let’s go back up one click, and DAMMIT!  Daddy’s ears hurt.  Ugh, I guess I’ll suffer thru the pain… because it’s worth it.  I love this song and don’t care if my eardrums bleed.  Sing it, girl!

While watching the acclaimed ESPN documentary “The Fab Five” for the tenth time on the interweb, Skeeter experienced garblasia, his least favorite sound-related phenomenon.

Wait, garblasia?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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