Words I Realized: Gnulard

Gnulard [noo-lahrd], n – white foamy material that accumulates on the corners of the mouth

I really don’t know what causes this stuff… it’s like ciggitch of the mouth.  Half the time I get it when I have cottonmouth, but other times I’ll get it when the insides of my mouth are well lubricated.  I am very cognizant of any gnulard buildup because it’s not a particularly attractive addition to my face.  I would probably opt for a solid, week-long case of pink eye over a single night out rocking these soul patches.

Carissa was convinced that, whenever she brushed with “fresh mint” toothpaste, she had increased gnulard accumulation by late morning.  She subsequently switched to “cool mint.”


Wait, gnulard?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?

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