Words I Realized: Groner

Groner [groh-ner], n –a unit of food, as part of a gathering of similar units, that is disfigured, discolored, and/or malformed to the point of inedibility

Eat that?  I don’t even want to touch that.  I don’t wanna catch what it has. And it definitely has something.  Because it’s the only one like that.  You can’t be the only grape looking like that and “not have something going on internally”.  If all the grapes were playing kickball, this grape would definitely get picked last because it’s literally halfway to becoming a raisin.

Keith didn’t want the sketchy green potato chip at the bottom of the bag, but when Cynthia asked him to prove his devotion to her by eating the groner, he had to say, “Okay”.

Wait, groner?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?




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  1. Harris says:

    hahahaha. amazing, such attention to life’s little details

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