Words I Realized: Harbitulo

Harbitulo [har-bih-too-loh], n – a piece of necktie that sticks out from underneath a man’s collar

Awww… that poor goofy idiot doesn’t even realize his tie is sticking out.  He’s walking around the office with that smug look, thinking he’s all that, smiling his goofy, idiotic smile at people.  I just wanna be like, “Dude, your fucking tie is sticking out,” but I’m enjoying this.  It’s hilarious.  Why ruin such a simple pleasure?  I mean, if it were me, I guess I’d want someone to let me know that I was embarrassing myself with a spectacularly sizeable harbitulo.  Look at that thing!  He might as well go ahead and un-tuck one side of his shirt while he’s at it.  But at least he’s not this guy.

Immediately before he went on the air, news anchor James Keathings was saved from public disgrace as a production assistant corrected his harbitulo, allowing the collar of his crisp white shirt to cover the entirety of his red, silk power tie.

Wait, harbitulo?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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