Words I Realized – Himyarn

Himyarn [him-yahrn], n plural himyarn – a pimple on a part of the body where pimples are not typically found

I’m confused by this, yet I am not.  Part of me is curious as to how I possibly fostered a full-sized zit on my thigh, while the other part of me wonders how slash why I don’t get pimples on my thigh on a more consistent basis.  I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure thighs have sweat glands.  If I’m not mistaken, but I am probably mistaken, that should be enough there to churn out a good six to seven thigh pimples for every two years.  And at my ripe old age, that means I should’ve had, oh, just about 175 thigh pimples by now.  But I can really only remember maybe four… so something’s not right here.

Orlando opted to wear jeans on the hot summer day to cover the swollen red himyarn on his kneecap, which was much to the dismay of Joyce, who frequently looked forward to such days when she could expect Orlando to be wearing short knickers to showcase his olive-skinned legs with those well-rounded hamstrings.

Wait, himyarn?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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