Words I Realized: Inchable

inchable [in-chob-ley], n – an accidental high-five to fist-pound mismatch

In a sense, inchable is really more a passive circumstance of everyday life than a thing of its own, per se.  For instance, the photo above captures these two warm-blooded individuals with their modestly sensual hands currently in a state of inchable.  But it’s not like, “Oh man, did you just see those two idiots commit inchable?” or even “Check out my creepy uncle as he moseys his way through this wedding reception.  He’s already formed an inchable with 6 different people due to his total lack of social grace.”  It’s more like this – “Hey dad, look at those two people over there attempting to make a celebratory gesture with their hands but failing… inchable!”  It’s the kind of thing you declare as the defining, labeling quality of a particular situation, as opposed to being a concrete object or thing itself.  Kinda like “Checkmate!” or “Yahtzee!” or something.  Probably more like “Yahtzee!” now that I think about it, cuz the establishment of inchable should be announced with that same vigor and excitement.  This is some exciting shit, alright?  We’re talking about inchable here.

Upon initially encountering one another at the 8th grade school dance, Thurgood and Ron attempted a super-cool, hand-related greeting… ya know, to impress the ladies.  Unfortunately, inchable ensued due to Ron’s game time nerves making him forget their pre-planned and choreographed fist-pound strategy.

Wait, inchable?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


Special Thanks To Rebecca Pearlmother for instantaneously coming up with the name ‘inchable,’ like a word-naming ladyninja.

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