Words I Realized: Kolsh

kolsh [kohl-sh], n – the small amount of liquid remaining in a cup that is nearly impossible to suck up through a straw.

My lung suction is top notch, yet every time I try to draw this last bit of fluid up the straw, it seems to reappear as soon as my suction stops. There must be some principle of physics at play here that I’m not privy to. Maybe we should get a physicist to opine on this one. If we miraculously have any physicists that read our blog, please chime in below. If you are not a physicist, also feel free to comment, but we probably will not put too much weight in your response.

Not wanting to be wasteful, Harrison grabbed a piece of sourdough bread, used it to sop up the kolsh, and then ate the soggy and somewhat fizzy piece of sourdough soaked in RC cola.


Wait, kolsh?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?

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