Words I Realized: Mellup

Mellup [mel-lip], n – the liquid remnants from a beverage resting on a surface

The anatomy of this particular mellup is intriguing.  The left hemisphere is a wide and girthy puddle, while the right side includes numerous scattered islands, somewhat resembling Japan.  The worst is when you rest your wrist on a significantly sized, newly deposited mellup and your sleeve absorbs a good half-ounce of cold beverage.  What’s even worse is if it wasn’t your drink that spawned the mellup.  I hate walking up to a bar and dipping my sleeve in someone else’s skanky mellup.  Now I have to spend a good 35-40 minutes feeling someone random person’s cold liquid on the inner side of my wrist.

Tabitha was irate to find out that someone had rested an iced coffee on the stool on which she was just sitting, resulting in a noticeable mellup on her tush. 

Wait, mellup?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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