Words I Realized: Moatstaff

Moatstaff [moht-staf], n – the discolored apex of a banana, which is customarily removed prior to consumption

You sure you’re gonna throw away those banana thumbtacks?  Wow.  Okay, guy.  Way to be a Wasteful Waldo.  May wanna reconsider, ya know, considering all that you can do with a stockpile of moatstaffs.  Make iced moatstaff tea to take with you on a picnic.  Encourage your kids to stay off the streets and instead, play Pin The Moatstaff On The Donkey.  At a local mall, an artisan makes a living running a “Your Name Engraved on a Moatstaff” kiosk.

Thinking outside of the box, Freddy served his guests chocolate covered moatstaffs with their coffee.

Wait, moatstaff?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?



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