Words I Realized: Motis

Motis [moh-tis], n – an area, typically under furniture or another large object, which is nearly impossible to reach without laying on the floor and fully extending one’s grasp

I’m the kind of guy who will exhaust every option before humping the floor.  I’ll kneel down. I’ll blow. I’ll shout at the object.  I’ll even use the old classic “yardstick sweep” maneuver.   Once I accept that these efforts are futile, I’ll ask myself one final question before making the plunge—is this all really worth it for a small bag of yogurt raisins?

Dylan, with his noticeably stumpy torso, didn’t have what one would call the “prototypical body” to retrieve an item from the motis.

Wait, motis?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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