Words I Realized: Naith


Naith [neyth], n, plural naith – The stringy, somewhat elastic substance that surrounds a piece of deli meat

Naith is edible, although certain types are less forgiving than others.  For example, turkey naith generally goes down smoothly, whereas roast beef naith can pose a problem.  Globules of fat attached to its brusque, daunting exterior, can make it an unpleasant swallow.  Even so, don‘t just peel off the naith and throw it away.  There are starving children who would kill for that naith.

After performing the Heimlich Maneuver inside a local delicatessen, the hero stated that a large chunk of naith flew out of the victim’s mouth, freeing up his airway.

Wait, naith?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?



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