Words I Realized: Periorectus

periorectus [peri-oh-rek-tuhs], n plural periorectuses – a brief monologue at the beginning of a hip hop track, before the first verse of the actual song, usually, but not always, delivered by the rapper himself

Lots of hip hop artists do this, and I appreciate it.  They just go ahead and provide me with some background information, so that I know what the hell is up.   Some opening remarks from the man himself, and now, I’m ready to be serenaded in rhyme, the whole time keeping in mind Biggie’s informative message at the very beginning about the teachers who told him he’d never amount to nothin’ and those dicks who called the police on him when he was just trying to make some money to feed his daughter.  His daughter, dammit.  See?  I’m way more into it now.  This majestic, godfather-like dog knows what I’m talking about.

While discussing periorectuses with his friends, Thom suggested that the most widely famous periorectus ever is probably the girls at the beginning of “Baby Got Back.”


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