Words I Realized: Pirfdent

pirfdent [purf-dent], n – an essentially random nationality or ethnicity assigned to a food item, usually for a consistent yet arbitrary reason

The photo above demonstrates the classic “Asian”salad triad – mandarin oranges, carrots, and those little crispy sesame rice things.  Right, guys.  Just like they do it in Beijing.  If a wrap, omelet or sandwich has the word “California” in it, you bet your sweet little bottom that thing’s got avocado.  Similarly, any food item labeled “Hawaiian” will obviously include pineapple and ham.  Rules are rules.  There’s gotta be at least SOME historical connection involved with these labels, and I’d love to find out their origins.  Especially for the Brazilian wax.

While enjoying his sweet, chewy treats, Boris contemplated the roots of his snack’s famous pirfdent, wondering if everything else in Sweden is at sweet as the fish.

Wait, pirfdent?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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