Words I Realized: Plibby

plibby [plib-ee], n – a non-empty beverage that’s been abandoned in the bathroom by its owner, either intentionally or accidentally, which may or may not be retrieved later on during a party

Ah, there she is!  Is she alright?  Did anybody touch her while I was gone?  I feel responsible.  Over the initial 10-15 minutes we spent together, I had forged a bond with this vodka & diet coke that was not to be broken, even though that particular cocktail combo is pretty terrible.  But they were the only ingredients left at this party, so when life handed me lemons, I made a vodka & diet coke… which I then proceeded to accidentally leave in the bathroom for at least 9 minutes and now certainly has at least microscopic remnants of other people’s waste in it.

After tasting a random plibby sitting atop a bar bathroom urinal, Marcelo realized he is a disgusting person.  He still went on to steal that plibby, adopting it as his own beer.

Wait, plibby?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?



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