Words I Realized: Posirot

posirot [poz-i-rot], n, plural posirot – a food item of a flavor or variety that is typically viewed as inferior to the others included in a package

Seriously, dude?  You have an entire bag of jellybeans and you give me the black licorice?  Nuh-uh.  Throw out your own garbage.  I’ll take a lemon, thank you.  Or a cappuccino.  Okay?  And don’t try to pull this shit again, alright?  I’m serious.

On Jimmy’s birthday, Randy decided to share his bag of trail mix, and he even offered to eat all of the posirot, but made it clear that this was a one-time deal because it was Jimmy’s special day.

Wait, posirot?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?



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  1. Harris says:

    Licorice is my favorite.

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