Words I Realized: Prigg

Prigg [prig], n – a strip that separates itself from the bottom of a pant leg; most commonly denim

It keeps getting wet and sandy when I go outside, but it is what it is.  I guess it’s just Mother Nature’s way of hemming my pants.  But what to do with it… therein lies the question.  Do I cut it off with a scissor or let it detach organically?  I clearly can’t just rip the prigg off the jeans, because then I’m gonna peel away the entire centimeter-wide stitched hem at the end and be left with a rugged, uneven pant bottom.  But could that look any worse than this?

Not wanting to be made fun of for his prigg, Duffy inconspicuously tucked the segment of rogue denim into his shoe.  

Wait, prigg?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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  1. Duffy says:

    I’m honored to be part of this movement

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