Words I Realized: Prontz

Prontz [pronts], v, n – the fake run people do to appear as if they are making an effort to move more quickly, however, there is only a marginal increase in speed, if any

I’ll be honest, I appreciate your holding the door-open button for me.  It’s a thoughtful gesture.  But I really had no interest in prontzing over to the elevator. I was perfectly content walking at this pace, but now I have to prontz.   Only a dickhead would just keep on walking, completely inconsiderate of your time.  I mean, I’m not gonna literally sprint over, but I gotta at least make it look like I’m running, son.  I must honor you, the doorholder, with a half-assed quasi-run, and give you my very best “thank you” hand gesture.  This way, you know I care.

Ramon saw Jimmy’s lack of prontzing as a sign of disrespect.  In response, Ramon slaughtered Jimmy.

Wait, prontz?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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