Words I Realized: Puñardo

puñardo [poon-yahr-doh], n – overloaded nachos, which have become soft and mushy after prolonged exposure to moist toppings and must now be eaten with a fork

This is nacho lasagna, straight-up.  You heard me.  The topping-to-chip ratio is very different here from the initial, outermost layer. I ate that first layer of nachos by hand, and I’ll tell you this – the chips were crunchy and erect, able to support a hefty load of beans, guac, jalapenos, and other gassy things.  But now, the sheer volume of chili has overwhelmed the defenseless chips with an onslaught of viscous, beefy chowder. What started off as a casual finger food has now become a high-maintenance inconvenience, requiring utensils.  But I’ll probably eat it anyway because I’m very serious about my daily fiber intake, and there’s some good stuff in there.

Dennis and his toothless grandmother, Francine, always used to love sharing nachos. Dennis would eat the crunchy ones on top, and Francine would take the puñardo – an ideal situation.

Wait, puñardo?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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