Words I Realized: Rapasta

Rapasta [ruh-pah-stuh], n, – superfluous items purchased in addition to condoms to make it appear as though you didn’t go to the store specifically to buy condoms

Let’s be honest. I clearly didn’t come here to buy condoms.  In actuality, I came here buy Doritos and watermelon plates.  After all, it is summer, and what more festive way to consume watermelon than off a specially crafted plate.  Oh, what’s this?  Condoms?  Might as well grab a box while I’m here.  Ya know, save me a trip next time I think I’m going be having intercourse.  No biggie.

When Yousef’s brother asked Yousef if he needed anything from the local strip mall, Yousef knew the box of condoms was $11.99 but gave his timid brother $20, knowing that he wouldn’t purchase the prophylactic without a significant amount of rapasta


Wait, rapasta?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?

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