Words I Realized: Shrebble


shrebble [shreb-uh’l], n – a makeshift nose-cleaning device constructed by twisting a tissue into a sharp point

A cottony paper spear is what it is.  Sometimes, booger-related debris gets stuck in the deep recesses of my nose.  What am I supposed to do… NOT get it out?  It’s obstructing my airway.  More importantly, if I leave that hardened crust on the deep inner walls of my nostrils, I’m at increased risk for suffering extreme pain if someone pinches my nose.  That always hurts way more than you think it would, on account of the hardened crust.

After meticulously fashioning a shrebble and using that shrebble to deep-clean her nose right in front of her boyfriend Ricky, Glenda knew that she and Ricky had achieved a whole new level of closeness.   

Wait, shrebble?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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