Words I Realized: Smainter


smainter [smeyn-ter], v – to empty the bulky contents of one’s pockets onto a nearby surface, for comfort while sitting

Look how comfortable that guy is, unburdened by his wallet and other belongings.   Those headphones really screw up the balance in his pockets, and now, he can finally relax.  Just a man and his things.  Don’t judge him.  Have you ever had 6 keys and multiple plastic drugstore keychain loyalty program tags stabbing your delicate buttock at the same time?  It’s not the best.  Besides, he needs to have easy access to his phone and wallet while in a seated position.  Once again, just trying to avoid looking like this guy.

On a warm day (during which he couldn’t wear a jacket), Gerald had to cram all his stuff into a few mere pant pockets.  Sitting was quite uncomfortable, so he smaintered.

Wait, smainter?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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  1. Anesh says:

    I’m a huge smainterer.

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