Words I Realized: Sneege


sneege [sneej], n –a single grain of pepper found inside one’s mouth hours after consuming a peppery meal, which creates a surprisingly intense aftershock

Wowie zowie, that is some powerful shit!  My blackened Cajun catfish sandwich didn’t even taste that peppery, but my, oh my.  Why did I bite the sneege??  I picked it out of my tooth with my tongue; could’ve just spit it out.  But nooooooo… I go and bite down, releasing an onslaught of pure spicy nightmare into my mouth.  Look at that face.  It is the face of a man with a peppermouth.

Fran always taught her children – Geraldine, Ricky, and Drew – to practice tolerating high levels of pain by intentionally grinding a sneege between their teeth, thrice daily.


Special Thanks To Matt Rosenberg for coming up with this very dorky-sounding word.

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