Words I Realized: Snorge

Snorge [snohrj], n – a condition wherein one’s underwear is sticking directly to his/her actual butt-cheek itself, rather than being stuck inside the butt-crack like a wedgie

This is the type of thing that happens on a sweaty day, know what I mean?  You’ve been sitting down for an hour or so, watching The Real Housewives of Wherever-The-Fuck, and when you stand up, a large patch of your undies is sticking to practically your entire buttock.  The butt-sweat acts as a mild adhesive, temporarily keeping the fabric from your underpants stuck against the contour of your tooshie.  No big deal; it happens.  Except, contrary to a wedgie, a snorge is quite difficult to fix hands-free.  One cannot simply do a few lunges in order to separate butt-cheek from undergarment.  One must actually peel off the fabric manually, which some people find embarrassing to do in public.  Main takeaway point – wear thongs, always.

During the final presidential debate, Senator Ralphie Mungtipper had a major snorge the entire time, yet still managed to keep a straight face, so he considered himself to be the winner.

Wait, snorge?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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