Words I Realized: Soprista

soprista [suh-priss-tuh], n, – the day after tomorrow  

“So this dinner is tomorrow?  Oh ok, I thought you scheduled it for soprista. My mistake.”  Do you see how easy and natural that was?  Now compare that to, “Oh ok, I thought you scheduled it for the day after tomorrow.”  That sounds stupid and wordy and verbose.  Soprista is tight and effortless and even sounds a bit edgy.  And it’s not, “We’re doing it ON soprista,” because that’d just be silly.  Just like we don’t say “on tomorrow”, we don’t say “on soprista”.  Just say “We’re doing it soprista” and people will understand.  You follow?

Lyle wanted Chinese for dinner today, while Kim wanted to have it soprista, so the two agreed to do it tomorrow and then had animalistic sex.


Wait, soprista?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?

Special Thanks To Buzz Bambrook for finally getting fed up with saying “day after tomorrow”.

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