Words I Realized: Strigler


strigler [strig-lur], n – a photograph taken from an angle whereupon the illusion is created that the subject is doing something he is not actually doing

You know, just your standard “licking the testicles of The David” picture.  But I have news for ya, Jim—my man over here is actually a good four or five feet in front of that naked man, and his tongue is nowhere near his scrotum.  That’d just be disgusting and immature.  Seriously though, a quality strigler takes some time to line up properly.   The coordination required between the photographer and the subject is pretty nuts (pun intended).  This one here is executed perfectly.  Tongue on balls.  Any questions?

Looking through his friend’s vacation photos, Rocky wasn’t sure if he was looking at a strigler, or if Parker really kissed a cow on the mouth.


Wait, strigler?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?

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