Words I Realized: Tolvince

Tolvince [tahl-vuh’ns], n,v – the last pull of a rolled paper product

I’d hate to throw away perfectly good toilet paper, but I’m really struggling to gather these last few strips.  Did they really have to break out the Krazy Glue for this?  “Affixing tissue to a cardboard tube”—that doesn’t sound like a prototypical Krazy Glue job.  They should just use the same glue that’s used for Post-it Notes.  That’s right.  The people at Charmin should call the people at 3M and cut a deal to buy some of their glue.  Serves the same purpose, except now the last square slides right off, delicately.  That makes sense, right?  I mean, does that not make perfect sense?

Since there was no other toilet paper in sight, Nancy Updike carefully and meticulously peeled back the tolvince, and in doing so, was able to amass an amply sized wad of toilet paper for her final wipe. 


Wait, tolvince?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?

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