Words I Realized: Turgoy

Turgoy [tur-goi], n – a stain in one dipping sauce from another dipping sauce

Great.  Dunk your mayonnaise-slathered fries in the ketchup.  That makes sense.  Ya know, considering how “everyone” likes mayonnaise on their fries, it totally it makes sense that you should vandalize the ketchup.  Dick.  Maybe you should try this — dunk mayo on one end of the fry, flip it, and then ketchup the other end.  Your body will never know the difference.  I mean, come on.  What if we were eating Mexican food?  Would you be that guy who leaves my liquidy salsa with floating chunks of viscous sour cream and guacamole?  You’d probably use the same knife and leave streaks of peanut butter in the jelly too.  You might even be one of those motherfuckers that leaves tuna in the mayonnaise.  Which is really fucked up.

Seeking the perfect mouthful to finish his Buffalo wing appetizer, Carlitos targeted the accumulation of Buffalo sauce in his blue cheese dressing and gathered the turgoy on his celery stalk.

Wait, turgoy?? I don’t get it… Can you explain?


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