Words I Realized: Vlitz

vlitz [vlits], n – a story that you begin to tell but realize, regrettably, about midway through, is not worthwhile and not going over well

This happens to me more often than I’d like. I start telling what I initially think is gonna be a riveting story about this time I was trying to make a train once in Penn Station (or some bullshit like that). Turns out to be WAY less interesting than it was in my head a minute ago. I can no longer enjoy telling it, and my complete lack of enthusiasm is making it even worse. The big question is: Should I still finish the story (halfheartedly) now that I realize it sucks, or should I just cut myself off immediately and spare everyone? I mean, I’m already like 60% of the way through. Giving up now is pretty weak… but then again, so is the story. Got it! I’ll just tell better stories. Done.

From the awkward smiles, I could tell that Elton and Cindy were growing tired of what turned out to be an epic vlitz regarding my recent visit to the supermarket.  


Special Thanks To Bryan Block for inspiring this idea.

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